Thursday, 17 May 2012

Carter's Watch the Wear Giveaway


Thank-you all so much for your answers to last week's Freebie Friday Fill in the Blank. Your responses to "I didn't expect parenthood to include__________" were sweet, funny, real, and, well, gross. The winner of any book from the What to Expect Series is Heather. 

And now for a few of my favourites. 




And gross (for the record, there were many, many, many gross entries. This was the least gross one I could put up while still making the point)

Thank-you to everyone who entered! 

And now for this weeks' awesome giveaway!!

Do you see this adorable sweater that Mac is wearing in this picture?

Cute right? When my wife saw it in the store she just had to have it. The only problem was that it was more expensive than any sweater either of us owned (which is indicative of just how expensive this sweater was more than how cheap we are - probably). Let's just say it was more than my cell phone bill but less than my red wine and chocolate bill.

Tracy and I have monthly "discretionary fund" budgets. But she always blows hers in the first week on who knows what (if she ever left the house after 7 PM I'd think it was strippers and booze but sadly I'm sure it is something much less exciting). Since I never go anywhere that requires money am super-fiscally-responsible I always end up with money left over and ultimately am cajoled into financing whatever ridiculous thing she just And this was one of those days. So we bought the sweater. He wore it about half a dozen times. And looked adorable each time.

If you are looking for a post that highlights the latest brand names and totally makes you feel less guilty about the dipping into your kid's college fund to finance his/her wardrobe - well, there are plenty of those posts on the internet. However, this is not one of them.

Instead, let me introduce you to Carter's Watch the Wear, a clothing line for babies and children with stellar prices. In fact, if I could convince my wife to shop at Carter's Watch the Wear more often I might be able to save my discretionary fund budget and buy some decent wine now and again.

Kids grow out of their clothing fast enough to drive a value-loving mom up the wall. Carter's Watch the Wear helps with that frustration by providing clothing that even Tracy can afford at the end of the month.

And check out how cute Mac looks in this sweet short and t-shirt combo (only $10.49!)

If this outfit is only $10.49 can you imagine how much you could buy for $50? That feels a bit like a grade 10 math problem doesn't it? Well one lucky Mondays with Mac reader is going to find out when he or she wins a $50 gift certificate! To enter sign-in with twitter, Facebook or email and fill out the rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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