Sunday, 6 March 2016

And this is why I don't sleep.

9:45 PM: Kid is asleep. Wife is asleep. Work is done. I'm totally going to go to bed early and get a full night's sleep. Maybe I'll just check Facebook. Oh look I have memories. On this day in 2009 I was listening to Vienna Teng. I should see if she has any new music out. City Hall is such a beautiful song. Maybe I'll listen to it while I get ready for bed. Oh I almost forgot how sweet this song is. It's so moving. I could cry thinking of all those gay folks going down to city hall to get hitched. I wonder if she's gay? I'll check her Wikipedia page. It doesn't say anything about her personal life. I'll check her website. Hmm, nothing there either. OK, I'll just google "Is Vienna Teng gay?" Here's an article about straight musicians writing songs about gay people on AfterEllen. They aren't listing Vienna Teng but it came up in the google search so I'll just search the page. Oh, OK, her friend wrote in the comments: "Vienna is straight, but is very supportive of the gay community and not just because I'm in her life. I'm incredibly proud that she continues to care about issues that affect our community and uses her platform to trumpet them." OK, question answered. But, while I'm here, I might as well see what other songs are listed. OMG Pink Triangle by Weezer. That song was on my first "gay songs" mixed CD. Remember mixed CDs? I wonder what kids do nowadays? Do they send each other playlists to express their feelings? Did I really just say "nowadays?" OK Gramma, time for bed. But maybe I'll just quickly check what other songs were on that list. Jens Lekman - "A Postcard to Nina." A song about a guy who agrees to be his lesbian friend's boyfriend to keep her dad from finding out she's gay. That sounds cute. Let's listen to that. OK this song and video are entirely adorable. I'll just listen to it 16 more times.


Who is Jens Lekman? I should google him. And follow him on Twitter. Maybe Facebook too. So many good artists come from Sweden. It would probably be a cool place to visit. Sweden. Ikea. Hey I wonder if Ikea has chairs that will go with our new dining room table? I should just quickly check their website...

.... and this, my friends, is why I don't sleep.

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