Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Farewell to Nova Scotia

Tracy and I are home from our first real kid-free vacation since Mac joined us nearly five years ago. The weekend before we left we were shooting a wedding and I was chatting with the make-up artist about our trip. 

Me: "Honestly, I'm just really looking forward to not hearing my kid's voice for a few days."
Tracy: "Kris, maybe you shouldn't say that out loud."
Make-up artist: "Anyone who has kids totally gets that."

And that's how I felt. Mac has been going through a bit of a whining stage and my ears desperately needed a break. But here's the catch 22 of parenting - despite desperately needing a break, I spent the trip seeing things he would have loved and wishing he was there. Because, as I continue to learn, parenting is both so much worse and so much better than anyone could have prepared me for.

So we went to Halifax. A beautiful city filled with amazing people. Do you know that when you stop on the side of the road in Halifax cars will just stop instantly? Even if there is no crosswalk there. They just stop and let you cross. And, if you are looking at a map on a city street, a dozen locals will stop to ask if you need assistance. And they may just invite you to a kitchen party they are hosting that night.  Because in Nova Scotia there ain't no party like a kitchen party.

We were charmed by the friendliness from the moment we stepped off the the plane. Our cab driver was eager to recommend everything from restaurants to great views. He offered to be back at our hotel to pick us up for the trip home and he was there as promised (and early). We stayed at The Prince George Hotel and before arriving I tweeted that I was excited to get away with Tracy for our first kid-free vacation. When we arrived this lovely surprise was waiting for us in our room:

Sufficiently charmed, we greatly enjoyed the rest of our stay meeting up with some old friends and family and wandering around on our own.

I also learned that I am, absolutely, a portrait photographer and not a landscape photographer. I brought my camera, excited to do a little personal shooting, but mostly I just saw beautiful landscapes and wished I had a wedding couple to photograph in the foreground. So, if you are planning a Halifax wedding please do get in touch! We'd love to come back to shoot a wedding! (Gallery and prices here).

I call this one "Halifax at Night."

I call this one "Photographer's Wife is No Longer Interested in the Halifax Skyline and Thinks 30 Second Exposures Take Forever and is Cold and Bored"

Four nights later we were rested, relaxed, and so ready to hear the sweet high-pitched voice of our favourite four year old. It sounds so much nicer on rested ears.

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