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Consider this page the Coles Notes of Mondays With Mac. This is where I tell you a little bit about myself in the hopes that you will find me interesting enough to stick around.

My story is just your typical girl meets girl, girl marries girl, girls meet gay man on the internet to have a baby with, love at first email, gay fairytale for the digital age kinda story.

If you'd like to read the longer version of how we came to be a family you can read my series here:
And if you want to compare notes you can read Andy (Mac's Dad)'s version here:

If you have any questions for me, there is a good chance I've already answered them HERE. 

And finally, here is a sampling of what you will will get if you decide to become a MWM follower:

Slow and Fast. Good and Better. Time becomes a messy-non-sensical mistress when you have a child. Nine months flew and crawled by. 

Marriage (Things I hope for my son). I love my wife. More than you will ever know (unless you read this post that is). 

You Already WereMy wife becomes Mac's official, legal, state-recognized parent. Which means that if I die nobody can take him away from her. She was already his mom. 

This Time Last Year  This time last year Mac almost died before he was born. Writing about it was hard. Living it was worse.

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