Wednesday 23 May 2012

Postcards From Parenthood Wrap Up Part 1

If you are new here you may want to start with this post in which I compare parenthood to Paris for the benefit of my very-pregnant and quite-nervous friend. What followed from there was a blog carnival sponsored by My Chi Chi Baby in which bloggers told beautiful, funny, sweet, and authentic stories.

I want to first begin by thanking the bloggers for participating and to the rest of you for reading. I laughed, I cried, and I was inspired. It's taken me a while to get this wrap up done. Mostly because I needed some time to marinate in your words. I mixed them up with some lavender bath salts and took a good long soak in your stories. They were beautiful. Each of them in their own way. I'm now ready to share with you some of my favourite parts. To see the screenshots of their posts below just click on the image to enlarge it.

Jennifer's post had me from Scantily Clad Mother Sums up Whole Parenting Experience in 638 word Postcard from Vegas. With a title like that you know you are in for a ride. And she certainly delivers! New moms listen-up! When people tell you that you won't ever sleep again they are very wrong. You will sleep. It just might be face down in some cheerios.

OutlawMama had me absolutely cracking-up and both wanting to go to Mardi Gras and being thankful that I've never been. 

Dawn at Happiness Cubed is a girl after my own Mama-heart. She sees the beauty in motherhood. I see the beauty in her. As the mother of 3 she wrote her postcard from home with broken crayons and decorated it with a coffee ring. She's keeping it real Mama-style. But what really got me was her comment on my Facebook wall.  Say it with me now.... aaaawwwwwww.

Jennifer over at A Mother's Fitness to Love inspires us to travel to that far off land of motherhood where everything is different and life is chaotic while still remaining true to ourselves. She reminds us that we need to take the time to take care of our physical and emotional health. This was a post I really needed. Especially as I was preparing for my first overnight trip away from Mac and feeling guilt, guilt, guilt. I came back refreshed, more in love with my wife than ever, and excited to see my baby. She was right. 

That covers part 1 of our journey. My eyes are too weary to keep driving so I'm going to have to pull over and try to find a motel that doesn't house a murderous local living in the last room. I hope you'll travel with me again tomorrow.

This carnival was sponsored by MyChiChi Baby, a designer children's boutique without the designer boutique price tag. MyChiChi Baby was the perfect fit for this carnival because it allows moms to dress their babies like they could be on a teen-tiny-tots runway in Paris while spending like they are on Canal Street in New York City. The clothes are adorable, affordable, and very high quality. You really can't go wrong with this site! Here are a few of my favourites. Click on the images to take you to their page.

Bad to the Bone Couture $48

Child Star $35.25 (better known as the outfit that makes my uterus hurt and my wife scared that we will keep having babies until I have a girl) 


And check out these funky ties only $5.85. I really think Mac can pull off the pink plaid. 

And that's just a tease! Wait until you see the baby and kid shoes. Seriously! And at prices that allow you to splurge! You're welcome. 

Please take a moment to go over to MyChiChi Baby and if you are so inclined like her on Facebook and follow her on twitter. 

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