Thursday 11 October 2012

Kristy and Colton

There was a moment in the fall of 2004 when I knew I wanted to marry my wife. We had just spent some *ahem* quality time parked on an unlit side road somewhere in Western Quebec. It was 4 AM and we had *ahem* talked for so long, with the radio on, that we drained the car battery. We were stranded in the dark and didn't have a clue how to get home. We started walking in what we thought was the right direction. We were tired, and a little nervous, but we were laughing.  And speculating on what kind of wild animals were scrambling around in the bushes. That moment could have caused a fight if we had started to blame one another.  But we were so enamoured with each other that we just walked, in the dark, holding hands.

Those are the moments that define a relationship.  They are what will ultimately make or break a relationship.

Last night Tracy and I had plans to meet up with a future bride and groom for some engagement shots. Unfortunately, half an hour before our scheduled meet-up time rain started to pour. So much for our outdoor park pictures. The bride and groom are friends and, knowing that we were Mac-free for the night, asked if we'd like to meet at the pub across the street for a beer instead.

Looking all shiny and polished, I would have imagined that they were disappointed by the turn of events.  Instead, they were sitting on a couple of bar stools smiling and laughing. Tracy and I joined them for a Coors Light but my shutter finger was still feeling a little itchy. I suggested that we take a couple of shots anyway and they were game.

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A few of the dart league on-lookers questioned our location choice. Why, on earth, would you take pictures in here? But Kristy and her fiance Colton didn't bat an eye once. In fact, Colton started to tell people that they had met at the Conroy pub (note: they did not).  They cuddled and kissed on demand. She tucked herself under his arm and into his chest as if they fit together like lego. And he made her laugh. Constantly.

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You would never guess that this picture was taken in an extremely narrow hallway while I stood on a bar stool blocking the door to the men's washroom.

Ottawa photographer weddings portraits conroy pub

Because when you are in love it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing. It matters that you are together and that you can laugh. Marriage can be a challenge - but I'd be willing to bet that these two will be just fine.

Ottawa photographer weddings portraits conroy pub

Ottawa photographer weddings portraits conroy pub

And as Tracy and I walked home in the dark I grabbed her hand and thought back to that aimless walk home eight years ago. These days with a busy toddler, demanding jobs, and whole lot of responsibility, it is easy to forget that feeling that everything will be just fine as long as we are together. It was nice to be reminded.

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