Thursday 21 February 2013

The One That Wasn't (Prequel Part 8)

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When we were small the bigger ones told us stories about the trips we would take and the things we would see. They gave us our vitamins and helped us to grow big and strong so that we could fulfill our destinies. We knew that most of us would lead relatively normal lives. We would grow and, when we were ready, we would leave the nest on our own. The journey would be unremarkable for the majority of us. Not bad. Just ordinary. 

But they also told tales of the lucky ones.  The few of us who would find our perfect soulmates and grow together to become something entirely different, better, for loving each other. 

Legend said that it was the smartest, the biggest, the strongest of us who would be chosen. I always thought it was more likely just a right place, right time, kinda thing. But on the off chance that the bigger ones were right I always took my vitamins without complaint. 

My time was coming, I could tell. The woman had been feeding us extra vitamins and rubbing and patting our heads regularly. She was making us promises of ponies, and cars on our sixteenth birthdays, and everlasting love. Her little pep talks about destiny had us all in a tizzy. There were five us at home and the faster we grew the closer we were to one of us striking out on her own. I was the front-runner and wasn't about to loose my lead. 

On the day I was set to leave everyone was vibrating with excitement. I could detect a hint of jealousy from my housemates but mostly they were helping to get me pumped up for the trip. When the time finally came I burst through the protective sack that had held me and kept me safe while I grew. And I was on my own for the first time in my life. 

The elders had given me a map for my journey but once I was out there everything seemed a bit confusing. I was to head South but I couldn't tell up from down, left from right. I was considering turning around and heading home when I saw a street sign guiding my way. The big F was unmistakable and if I squinted I could guess that the rest of the word read allopian. 

Knowing that I was on the right path gave me a new sense of confidence. In no time I would be finding my destiny. Would it be an average comfortable life or would I meet my soul mate on this journey? I was so excited to find out. 

In theory the trip seemed very far. But before I knew it I was halfway down the road and ready for a break. I was just taking a quick rest when I heard the woman giggling and a deafening wwooooosssshhhh. I perked up instantly. My instinct was to move toward the noise but I remembered the advice of my elders. Stay put dear girl. Playing hard to get attracts the best suitors. 

So there I stood. Waiting. Feigning disinterest. And that's when I saw him. At least I think it was a him. I couldn't make out an X or Y. But it didn't matter. Love is love after all. 

He wasn't the first one to arrive. Or the seventeenth. But he moved with determination and grace.  And when I saw him the millions of his competitors just seemed to blur into the background. All those stories we were told about this moment were true. When you meet him you will just know. Those words rang in my head and I wished that I could go back home for just a moment to tell them all about it. But going back wasn't possible. 

The honeymoon portion of our courtship was nothing short of spectacular. For four days we learned everything about one another and somehow managed to morph into an entirely new being. With his love and support I became someone entirely new. There was a sadness in this process as I began to loose myself. But together we were becoming something so much more. That's how great love is supposed to work. Or so I've been lead to believe. 

The land wasn't quite perfect so we crossed the border into Uterus where there was more space and better soil. I was anxious to set down some roots. To plant into the land and build a life together. We built a glorious home. Even as the land got thicker and tougher we worked and worked until we were well established. 

The woman was so happy for us. It was hard to get any rest over her constant screaming and chattering. She must have called every person she knew yammering on about pink lines and bellies and other things I couldn't really make out. It was nice to have so much support. 

As the honeymoon period came to an end I was busy thinking and dreaming about the future. But somehow we lost our way. The quirks that I had once found endearing became irritating. And nothing I did seemed to make him happy anymore. Sometimes you can want something so bad, and everything can seem so perfect, but it just doesn't work out. It's nobody's fault, really. Although everyone likes to cast blame elsewhere while secretly internalizing it. The pain became both emotional and physical. And as much as we tried to stay together we eventually had to let go. 

I felt bad for the woman. She was so sad for us. I tried to tell her about the friends I had left behind. I was sure that one of them would make her just as happy. Happier even. I wanted to reassure her and offer her hope. But I don't think she heard me over her tears. 

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