Monday 29 February 2016

It's Hard to be the Child of Photographers

It's hard to be the child of photographers. Every time you turn around there is a camera in your face. You can't even have a simple tea party without your mom moving the teapot around for the best shot.

And even when one mom says she's done (finally)...

...your other mom needs "just one more shot."

But when you are sick, and stuck inside for days on end, having photographer moms can come in handy. Because they have access to giant sheets of seamless paper. One side might be covered in baby drool but if you flip it over there's lots of room for art. And that kind of makes up for being stalked by the mamarazzi all the time. 

Until art time also turns into photo time. 

And she makes you colour upside down so that she can "get better light." 

But if you look up at your camera-holding mom, make your eyes as wide and sad as you can, and say "Ma, can you stop taking pictures for today and colour with me?" she will put down the camera and color with you. So maybe it's not so hard to be the child of photographers afterall. 

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