Saturday 12 November 2011

365 Days Ago

It’s not quite Monday. But today deserved its own post. Exactly one year ago today we made a Mac. 365 days ago the fertility math lined up, the basal body temperature charts pointed to today being the day, the little squares on the fertility monitor lit up bright pink and the ovulation test stick showed a smiley face. One year ago today my wife and Mac’s (soon-to-be) Dad did an awkward sperm-in-an-artichoke-jar handoff in the hallway while I got myself ready for the big insemination. My wife and I giggled at the strangeness of sperm in our bedroom. And we laid quietly after it was over hoping that his sperm and my egg were hitting it off like it was the best blind date ever.
One year ago today my house was filled with laughter as we got to know our new friend and the father of our yet to be known child. We drank coffee and tea and dreamed of what was to come. One year later that tiny sperm and egg have grown into 14 pounds of pure perfection. Today my house is filled with baby giggles and mommy laughter. And the reality is better than we could have ever dreamed. 

The three of us (the tiny zygote is present but we will not find out for two more weeks)  November 12th, 2010

The four of us October 22nd, 2011

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