Monday 28 November 2011

Meet Mac’s Auntie Rishma. She’s in charge of sports.

"I don’t think one parent can raise a child. I don’t think two parents can raise a child. You really need the whole village." -  Toni Morrison

This weekend Mac had a visit from his Auntie Rishma. She’s in charge of teaching him about sports.  Someone has to because his moms sure don’t know much about them. I know, strange right? Two lesbian moms and neither of them know the difference between icing and a first down. Truth be told one of his moms (the one writing this blog) just had to google “sporting terminology” to come up with the words icing and first down. Luckily for our son we come from, and have built, a great family that can pick up our slack.

Early on in my pregnancy Rishma decided that if she was in charge of sports she should also get to influence what teams he will cheer for. This seemed like a reasonable request to us.  She told us that he would be cheering for the Edmonton Oilers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We have embraced her request and started to collect pint-sized team-based paraphernalia. However, Mac’s uncles Brit and Dan have voiced their objections with hopes of him cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins respectively. Ultimately, of course, Mac will make-up his own mind when he’s ready. Or, maybe he'll find other things that interest him and not enjoy sports at all.

In the meantime, I may not be much for watching sporting events (I may even be the kind of person who says “sporting events”) but I am all for adorable pictures of my baby dressed to match his aunt.

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  1. While I don't care much about the NFL or NHL, I am a fan of sports aesthetics (thus my amazing hockey v-neck). Mac's Midwestern side of the family is teeming with fans of the Bengals and Browns - two teams with the most god-awful uniforms and color palettes in the world (of sports and beyond). So I thoroughly embrace Mac's fledgling allegiance to the stylish Steelers and look forward to the AFC North trash talk amongst cousins in seasons to come. Plus - I have an awesome vintage Penguins jersey waiting for you Mac (#66, Mario Lemieux!) that will look bad-ass at any given Leafs or Oilers match.

    PS I can't wait to meet Auntie Rishma :)

  2. Auntie Rishma was just talking about meeting you this weekend. Hopefully in the new year!

  3. I fully support Steelers' cheering. Does Mac have a terrible towel yet?


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