Monday 19 March 2012

Sundays with Mac: Mama Crashes

A few weeks ago I told you what Sundays look like at my house. Tracy takes Mac on Mommy-and-Baby-No-Mamas-Allowed-Mall-Dates and I stay home and write this blog. It’s a good routine. But this March Sunday was full of June-like sunshine and Tracy informed me that it would be a Mommy-and-Baby-No-Mamas-Allowed-PARK-Date instead.

“Oh, that sounds like fun,” I replied, “I’m sure he’ll love the swing.” And then I headed to work. While there I started to think about how much fun my son and wife would be having and my heart started to race. It occurred to me that I would be missing his first time on a swing! How could I not have realized that?! With panicked breath I texted my wife and asked her if I could crash the date. She graciously allowed my intrusion but informed me that she was actually already at the park and asked if I could pick her up some Perrier water on the way.

He was already on the swing! I jumped in my car and raced (obeying all traffic laws of course) home. I certainly wasn’t making a stop so that Tracy could have water with carbon dioxide in it. The park is relatively close to our house but it’s even closer to the parking lot at the daycare centre. The sign told me that parking was not permitted but my son was experiencing the near-flight feeling of his first swing and there was no time to worry about such things. I parked and raced toward my family.

Unless, of course, your child is about to swing for the very first time.  In which case, please disregard. 
So I didn’t spend any quality time with my computer on Sunday. I didn’t make a pot of tea and sit down to pour my heart into the keyboard. Instead, I poured my heart into this smile. I hope you’ll forgive me.

What were your favorite "firsts"?

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  1. My favorite first was my son's first time on a bike without training wheels. I have never seen a person so proud of himself in my life. I wish I had thought to videotape it.

  2. So many favorite firsts already, and so many more to come! The first time she slept through the night, the first time she reached for something, the first time she got hurt and asked for me, the first time she asked for a cuddle...
    Yesterday was one of my favorite firsts. We went to the pool as sson as it opened and we were the first ones there. She ran to the water and just started walking deeper and deeper. All morning she walked up to her chin in water. Unaffraid, huge smile onher face. Even when she slipped and her head went in. Gave me a heart attack, cause she's 2 and can't swim, but she didn't even cry! Awesome day at the pool. Now to get her in swimming lessons!

  3. Oh my, he looks so adorable swinging! It looks like he really liked it :) Norah (my 9 month old daughter) had her first REAL swing experience. We tried once before but she was a bit too young. She really like it too, it is so fun seeing them light up with feeling a new sensation.

  4. I LOVED these pics and remember Meredith's first swing which involved her straddling an adult and the adult hanging on for dear life not to drop her and to remain upright. She loved it. But my favourite first? Two of them....Her first grin at 8 months of age and then when I heard her laugh for the first time when she was 3 years and 8 months old. There was nothing like it and still isn't.

  5. I love these pictures!!!!!! Definetly forgiven.... this is well worth it!!!!

  6. I am sure that no parking sign doesn't apply on Sundays when the daycare is sure to be closed. Besides, the ticket would surely be worth seeing the look on his face, as your pictures clearly show us!

    I have so many favorite firsts... my latest one has to be when Abby said "Ball" and it came out of her mouth in this totally over exaggerated fashion, exactly like when Bambi said "Bird" the first time. :)

  7. Beautiful story, Mac Mama!I can relate. I missed my son's first steps while on my way back from a consulting gig. I was in the car on the way to the Washington DC airport when Donna called me to tell me the big news. That immediately prompted me to aspire to management, so I could be home more.

  8. Funny enough, our 9 month old twins had their first time on the swings this weekend as well! They loved it but I think I loved it just as much :)

  9. He is adorable! :) Glad you got to enjoy this "first"!

  10. Such cute pics !! God Bless !

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  11. So cute!!!
    My favourite first is when Elliott said "Hello" ♡

  12. My most favourite first was my daughter's first steps. Its an exciting time for all parents but hers were at her pre-op clinic appointment before her open heart surgery at 14 mo old. The best thing in the world was that my fiance, who was working on the other side of the world at the time, was home for her surgery and got to witness those steps. It was exactly the moment that we all needed to make that time a million times happier.

  13. How cute is he on the swing?!?! My favorite firsts are of course "mama" and then first hug, kiss, and did I mention "mama"? Hehe

  14. Love these photos... that smile is precious!


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