Monday 28 May 2012

DealAngel: The revolutionary new way to find hotel deals


Picture it: You are searching through a local thrift shop. When suddenly, across the sale rack, you see something shiny. There, next to some second-hand slippers and a pair of old sneakers, are a pair of Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps with a red leather sole and gold chain enclosure.

Your heart speeds-up, just a little, and your palms go clammy. You do your best to saunter on back to the beauties that are beckoning you without arousing any suspicion. You pick them up and you know, you just know deep in your heart, that they are real. And when you turn the price tag over and see that the shop owner has them listed for one-tenth of their retail price you quickly head to the cash to pay and practically run out of the store like you are starring in an Ikea commercial yelling to your husband to Start the car! Start the car! 

You know that feeling. I know you do. We've all been there once or twice. When we manage to find the absolute best deal imaginable and celebrate by bragging to all of our friends. It feels awesome right?

Well how great would it be if you could get that feeling when booking your next hotel stay? I know, I know, you've been on the regular travel deal sites and have been lost in the confusing details and fine print. If you are like me you have probably even drawn up a spreadsheet listing a variety of hotels from several different travel sites. But in the end it feels a bit like you are comparing apples and shishkebobs. It might even bring back memories of high school math problems. If hotel 1 offers a free continental breakfast, valet parking, is four stars and $215 a night while hotel 2 offers a free hot breakfast, self-parking, has a pool, is 3.5 stars and $175 a night which hotel is the better deal?

But in high school you had a balding teacher in a sweater vest to give you a formula to figure these things out. In the world of discount hotel prices DealAngel is coming on the scene to be that balding teacher in the sweater vest. Only much, much cooler.

DealAngel is a whole new approach to discount hotel shopping. Co-founders Roman Peskin and Bob Rogers have truly revolutionized the way you are going to search for hotel deals. Think I am being overly dramatic? Let me explain.

Let's pretend you want to head to Washington DC with your family. Instead of searching many different travel sites to find the best deal you simply log on to and type in Washington DC. The first thing you will see is that they have highlighted the most and least expensive times to stay in Washington.

June is an expensive month, especially mid-week, so let's plan to go for the weekend of July 6th to 8th. Once you have selected your date, DealAngel will scan up to 30 different travel sites and then rank each hotel deal as great, good, OK, or poor. The rankings are based on the price histories of each hotel. For instance, if a hotel has consistently been more expensive than its competitors but suddenly drops in price to be cheaper that is a deal. It may be because they have a lot of unused rooms to fill or they may have simply listed an incorrect price. It doesn't really matter why. What's important is that you scoop up that deal quickly!

And to make your decision process even easier DealAngel also pinpoints the various hotels on a map so you know exactly where you are staying. They think of everything don't they?!

So let's say that after looking at the "great deals" you decide to stay at the Renaissance Washington, DC. Clicking on the property will now bring you to a list of all the hotel deal sites that are offering rooms at that hotel on those dates.

We can see from this list that has the best price at $226.70 for two nights. All you have to do now is click GO and you will be redirected to RatesToGo to book your deal. Seriously, that's it! But perhaps you have a long history of booking with and would feel much more comfortable booking through them. Thanks to DealAngel you know that you are only  spending an additional 60 cents. 

And just like that you are all done. No drawing up complicated spreadsheets. No need for an advanced degree in statistical analysis. Just a few clicks and you have scored yourself a great deal! Now all that is left to do is go on your awesome family vacation. And I totally would not blame you at all if during dinner at the hotel restaurant you commented, rather loudly, to your family that you can't believe you only paid $113 a night! The other patrons are sure to be jealous and that's really what it's all about isn't it? 

OK, OK, I know what you are thinking now. Well this sounds awesome Kristin but how did you hear about DealAngel and why are you promoting them?

So glad you asked! I can't resist a good deal. So when I found flights to New York for $120 return (I know right?!) I had to plan a last minute trip for Auntie Tata's 40th birthday. But after booking the flights I was left frustrated in a sea of competing hotel deals. So I turned to twitter to ask what hotel deal sites people prefer. And I got 15 different responses. Which wasn't at all helpful. And then Belinda swooped in like an angel (a DealAngel!) to answer my pleas for help. She explained to me how DealAngel works and I haven't looked back since. Take a look for yourself. I promise you that DealAngel is the last travel site you will ever need.

Want to stay up to date on the latests happenings at DealAngel? Follow them on twitter and like them on Facebook.  You will want to pay close attention in June when they are holding a contest for a romantic weekend away!

Have more questions? Check out their FAQ page or watch this video from co-creators Roman Peskin and Bob Rogers explaining the awesomeness of DealAngel. 

**This post was sponsored by DealAngel. However all opinions are mine and mine alone. If you are a regular Mondays with Mac reader you know that I would never endorse a product or service that I wouldn't use myself. I am incredibly honoured to be able to introduce you to this revolutionary new way to find the best hotel deals on the net! 

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