Wednesday 30 May 2012

Traveling with Kids Chat Party

Hello Friends!

Thanks to a great deal found at Tracy, Tammy (Mac's Auntie Tata) and I will be heading to New York City to visit Andy (Mac's dad) and celebrate Tammy's 40th birthday!

We are beyond excited! But also quite nervous. This will be our first real traveling experience since the addition of Mac to our family and we are not entirely sure what to expect traveling to New York with a baby.

So please come on over to Facebook and help us out! On Friday June 1st from 11 AM to 1 PM EST we will be discussing family travel tips. What products are lifesavers? Where are the best places to go with a family? What games and activities help pass time in a car or on a plane? What are the best kid-friendly restaurants? Anything and everything family travel!

Plus, one lucky party guest will win a $10 gift card to the coffee establishment of your choice. Because when you are traveling with kids you need to keep up!

Click on the image below to RSVP! Or click HERE.

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