Monday 24 September 2012

I didn't really mean to write that post.

I didn't really mean to write that post. The one where I opened up my chest and left my heart on the table. I tried to hold onto it. Like water cupped in my hands. But it leaked through my fingers and eventually I had no choice but to let it drop. As I watched it fall I felt my breath quicken but my hands steady. Fear mixed with relief. It had been hard to hold.

And as my heart sat there, all vulnerable and lonely, I worried about what you would do with it. But I shouldn't have worried. You picked it up and held it gently. You shared the deep truths of your own hearts with mine. And you helped to lift the weight off my shoulders. 

Now that I know I can trust you I will leave my heart in your hands for safe-keeping. But I'll be back for it soon. 

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