Tuesday 12 March 2013

Dear Scientists

Dear Scientists,

Y'all are super cool (in a nerdy sorta way) and really really smart. You've accomplished some things that hardly seem possible. Remember in 1997 when you cloned a sheep? You took a cell from an adult sheep and then you turned that cell into a baby sheep that was virtually the same as the original. And remember when, 44 years ago, you made a man walk on the moon? On the freaking moon. Nearly fifty years ago. Just last year you managed to cure a 7 year old girl's Leukaemia with an altered version of the HIV virus.  And I'm hearing rumours of iPhones with bendable glass and something called a smart watch. I'm not even sure how a watch can be smart but I'm fairly certain that I'll need one.

All of this stuff is really very amazing and you should be very proud. I don't want to take you away from the important work that you do. But, if you could just come together, for like a week, and knock out a cure for the common cold that would be really awesome.

Thanks for your time,

A sick mom caring for sick toddlers

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