Monday 31 December 2012

Top 10 Posts of 2012

Sometimes as you age years have a tendency to blend together. Not because you are drunk or exhausted from the cycle of pregnancy, child birth, and child rearing. Although those can be reasons too. There are a few years in the early 2000s that blend together for one of those reasons. I'll let you guess which.

When you are a kid you are keenly aware of your age, the date, and the distance between today's date and  your next birthday. Ask any child and they will be able to tell you their exact age (in both years and months). The rest of us can be heard saying things like how old am I again? Thirty-two? Thirty-three? Oh, really? I'm thirty-four already? When did that happen? 

Days and months and years just kind of blend together. There are good moments and bad that stand out like spelling mistakes on an assignment underlined in red. But mostly it just all passes.

I've had many of these years in my (relatively) short life thus far. But 2012 is not one of them. In 2012 I went from the blissfully happy mom of a perfect baby to a woman suffering from postpartum depression who couldn't get through the day without crying, Tracy and I started our own photography business, I blogged a lot, and my kid got totally awesome. 2012 was a year that won't blend.

As a way to look back I thought I would share my top ten posts from 2012 as chosen by you. Or by Google. Or by whatever path brings you to my site. I don't really understand how all that internet-y stuff works. These are the posts with the most hits anyway.

#1 Something awesome happened on the way to the Time Magazine Cover

#2 Sex Tips for the Straight Man from a Gay Woman

#3 How Not to Talk to Lesbian Moms 

#4 How to Baby-Proof Your Marriage 

#5 You Already Were 

#6 The Unraveling 

#7 Chapter 1: Special Guest Star

#8 When You Have Two Moms it's Hard to Pick a Favourite. Unless You are a Baby. Then it's Easy. Apparently. 

#9 Marriage (Things I Hope for My Son) 

#10 Rest in Peace Shirley 

After making these links I realized that I should have done them from 10 down to 1 like a real New Year's countdown. But I didn't think of that until it was too late and I don't feel like doing all that copying and pasting. So click from bottom to top if that makes more sense.

Happy New Year Y'all!

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